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How lessons from real crises can help companies thrive.  

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At the heart of crisis management is decision-making.

It is rare for leaders to feel truly confident making decisions in a crisis, amidst uncertainty, intense pressure and scrutiny, and in rapidly changing environments.

But it doesn't have to be. 

Crisis management practices can help solve some of the most common and unusual everyday business decisions.

At everyday crisis, we'll extract lessons from some of the most intense modern crises and explore how businesses can apply them to solve problems, make better, more confident decisions.


With more than 15+ years experience in crisis management in the public and private sector, I have worked to infuse strategy into a traditionally tactical profession. 

While the situation and operating environment may be different, there are many similarities between managing crises and scaling a thriving business. 

I will share with you my learnings from notable crises such as ebola, covid-19, January 6th insurrection, and many other situations that never made headlines, but yield just as powerful insights for leaders and businesses alike. 

Thank you for joining me. Let's begin...

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